Angelica Bocade is Blake's executive assistant.

She started here in 2012 and hasn't looked back since!

As the first point of contact for new clients, she's the one you'll speak to if you wish to schedule a consulting call with Blake.

She graduated last April with a Bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy. While studying, she worked as a call center representative for 2 US companies.

After completing her degree she took a position as a Senior Account Manager for an online traffic management company.

In her spare time she loves to do yoga and read novels.

Blake is an author, copywriter and sales funnel advisor. He has worked as a strategic partner and copywriter within two major information marketing companies. One of which has sold over $15 million dollars worth of product - and is still going strong.

Beyond that, he's written copy and consulted for online entrepreneurs such as:

  • Keith Baxter - Keith is regarded as the king of online traffic generation
  • Buck Rizvi and Michael Lovitch - Founders of RealDose Nutrition, one of the most successful supplement companies out there.
  • Traian Sava - Traian is the CEO of Savas bros. He's the guy behind A multimillion dollar information marketing company in the survival market.
  • Chris Guerriero - Chris has worked with such people as Bob Proctor and Mark Victor Hansen (co-author of Chicken Soup For the Soul)
  • Chuck Mullaney - Founder of SendReach (a new innovative autoresponder company) and

Blake is best known for his ability to engineer high-converting video sales letters and email sequences... especially in the weight loss and survival markets.

His goal is to double his clients' customer LTVs... allowing them to take advantage of a wider range of traffic sources.

He does this by re-designing marketing funnels... or... doing the in-the-trenches work of writing world-class copy.

Executive Team

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