Blake’s previous/current copywriter clients include…

Traian Sava – Million Dollar Marketer

Traian Sava is probably the most elite yet “hidden” internet marketer out there.

He has created multiple million-dollar offers and held the #1 and #3 spot at the same time in his Clickbank category for months in a row.

All together, he has launched 10+ successful offers (5-6-7 figures a month)…

Chris Guerriero

Chris Guerriero is one of the leading health experts in the world…

He’s been featured in Men’s Fitness, Woman’s World and Men’s Exercise Magazine and has worked with such people as Bob Proctor and Mark Victor Hansen (co-author of Chicken Soup For The Soul).

Chuck Mullaney & SendReach

Chuck Mullaney has been in internet marketing for 13 years. Before SendReach, he was best known as the founder of A joint venture social network.

SendReach is a new and innovative autoresponder company with top-notch email deliverability, automated demographics and 10 patents pending.

Brian Hanson – Speaker & Marketer

In three short years Brian took his company from an idea and pocket change to one of the largest distributors in his niche with revenues exceeding $5.5 million annually

He’s worked with such people as Ron LeGrand and Robert Kyosaki.

Armando Alejandro – Motivational Speaker, Minister & Marketer

Since 2005 Armando has ministered to and discipled thousands of teenagers.

His partnership with the holy spirit, his unique charisma and his amazing breakdancing skills have made him a very dynamic and powerful speaker.

In addition to being a minister he runs multiple online marketing companies. Including one whose purpose is to teach youth ministers how to grow their ministries.

He is the author of “How to Double Your Youth Ministry in One Night.”

Visage Dermatologic Laboratories

Visage Dermatological Laboratories is a new company with a wide range of skin care products for women… including hydration systems and premium makeups. They are based in Houston, Texas.

Kevin Oefelein & New Paltz Marketing

Kevin Oefelein is a business growth specialist and president of New Paltz Marketing, as well as the publisher of the “Marketing Made Easy” newsletter.

Kenya Halliburton & My Virtual Genie

My Virtual Genie, LLC was cofounded by Kenya Haliburton and her business partner Vonetta. They have over 30 years of combined
copywriting and marketing experience along with extensive knowledge of journalism, web design, virtual assistance and online business management.

Keith Baxter – Internet Traffic Expert

If you’ve been exposed to internet marketing for more than a few minutes, there’s no doubt you’ve heard that Keith Baxter is the undisputed king of internet traffic generation.

Michael Lovitch, Buck Rizvi & Health Business Confidential, LLC

Michael and Buck are founders of Health Business Confidential, an information marketing company that provides training to health marketers.

They are also founders of RealDose Nutrition. One the most widely advertised and best converting supplement offers out there.

Their company has been able to achieve consistent 7-figure sales in the health niche.

Michael Hearne – Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

Michael Hearne is a top-level direct-response copywriter and marketing consultant.

He has written copy for gurus like Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher.

Ryan Harper – Navy Vet & SEO Specialist

Ryan started out his career serving his country in the US Navy, after four years he was honorably discharged and started an electrician service company in Salt Lake City, Utah. By implementing new models for improvement and systematizing his business, Mr. Harper found rapid success over his competition, achieving triple-digit growth through 2006.

A major milestone for growth was breaking the 7 digit revenue threshold. Shortly afterward Ryan sold this business and moved to Dallas Texas.

Upon arriving Mr. Harper founded and launched a technology company that allows the default voices in Garmin and TomTom GPS units to be changed to celebrity voices. Utilizing his knowledge of online marketing he propelled his company to the front of the search engines.

Mike T. Nelson – Extreme Human Performance

Mike T. Nelson is one of the most credentialed experts in the weight loss and fitness niche.

He is a PhD candidate in Exercise Physiology at the University of Minnesota.

His techniques are SO good that he was asked to present them to DARPA (the government agency responsible for keeping our troops in peak performance). He’s also been featured in Men’s Health magazine and Muscle & Fitness Her’s magazine.

US Hydroponics Association

The US Hydroponics Association’s mission is to educate the general public on the values of hydroponic growing, show them how easy it is to grow hydroponically, and provide support and resources to growers across the US.

Leo Landers & Seduction College

Leo Landers is the new guy in the dating niche. His focus is on the sub-niche of college dating and his website is