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Charlie Hutton on three AutoResponder Madness style email funnels I wrote for him:

The legendary Keith Baxter - king of internet traffic.

Traian Sava
"We hired Blake to write an Autoresponder Madness style email sequence for one of my companies.

He did such a great job we kept him on the team for over year. Writing almost daily emails.

We do plan on hiring him again in the near future and possibly getting an exclusive for our market."
Armando Alejandro
"Over 2 months ago Keith Baxter referred Blake King to me for some copywriting projects.

Blake's copy skills are on another level. Our open rates and conversions have both doubled. I'll continue to use Blake on multiple projects in the near future."
Brian Hanson
Blake is a rare find. One of those guys that works behind the curtain if you know what I mean. While people praise the gurus for how compelling their copy was, little do they know Blake was the one crafting the message as the ghost writer.

Glad I was referred to Blake by one of the best marketers in my niche. No wonder Blake doesn't market his business, with work like he delivers, you can make a full-time income on referrals. (Although I may stop, I don't want him too busy)

Anyhow Blake, wanted to give you this long overdue testimonial, you deserve. Definitely the King of Copy…literally, lol!

Thinking about using Blake? Don't! Just hire him, and stop wasting your time looking for the best.

Brian Hanson
Internet Marketing Consultant

Kenya Halliburton

Tony Wang